Welcome to the Pettus Heritage Web Site

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Welcome to the Pettus Family Web Site. Having published a history of the Pettus family of England and Virginia in two volumes (2011 and 2013), the time has come for me to have a medium where I can:

  1. Refute and correct misinformation or unsubstantiated statements by other family historians
  2. Point out where I have discovered errors in my book or had them pointed out to me by my readers
  3. Highlight some important “brick wall” problems that have yet to be solved
  4. Publish new information about the family


Author: pettusheritage

I began researching my Pettus ancestors in the early 1970s. Over the years since, I have conducted research and found important information on the Pettus family at libraries, archives, and courthouses in Virginia and elsewhere, including Norwich and London, England, and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Ultimately, I published my findings in a two-volume book, Thomas Petyous of Norwich, England, and His Pettus Descendants in England and Virginia (2011, 2013). Parties interested in my book should contact me at my email address.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Pettus Heritage Web Site”

  1. I find your research interesting. I have been tracing my family tree and have hit a road block I believe that I am a descendant of Stephen Pettus. My great grandfather was James Campbell Pettus (1877-1940) from York County SC. Where can I find your books and check the connections back? His grandfather was William Pettus (1768-1818) from Mecklenburg County, NC and the son of Stephen Pettus II of Virginia. I’m currently living in Williamsburg, VA and would like more details about my heritage.


    1. You can order the books by email to wwpiv@aol.com. I will include the order forms in my reply message. Thanks.
      I suppose you know that the foundations of Littletown, home of Col. Thomas Pettus, are located on a bluff overlooking the James River next to the marina at Kingsmill-on-James near Williamsburg. Also, you can find Thomas Pettus II’s name on one of the pews at Bruton Parish Church (with a wrong date). Finally, a bronze marker commemorates the meeting of the House of Burgesses that protested the importation of British manufactures in 1774 is in the courtyard of the colonial capitol at Williamsburg. It is on the side facing east.


    2. See my replies to recent posts. I believe the Stephen Pettus you have in mind was descended from Stephen Pettus, grantor in the sale of the Pettus estates on the James River in 1700. Littletown plantation is now Kingsmill on the James near you. Biographies of the Virginia Pettuses and their children and perhaps their grandchildren are in my book.


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